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Pennant Ingredients, Inc.

Setting the Standards

Pennant Ingredients is strategically positioned to service all major markets in the Northeast United States and Canada. A reliable supplier for over eighty years, willing to collaborate with our partners to customize their products. Looking towards the future in developing cleaner label options across all product families.

Professional Team

Pennant Cares

Pennant Ingredients provides simple mix solutions for complex confections.


Offering ready to use fillings and icings, as well as a wide variety of bakery mixes.


In the skilled hands of our customers, Pennant Ingredients’ products can be crafted into mouthwatering treats enjoyed by all!

Commercial Baking Products

Our fillings, icings, and glazes are packaged in pails, drums and totes in sizes ranging from 10lb pails – 2800lb totes. Our bakery mixes are packaged in 25lb or 50lb bags. Many of our products both dry and wet are made to stock with a short 5 working day lead time!

Donut Mixes

There is a wide variety of donuts and we provide all the mixes.

  • Yeast raised – developed and nearing launch of a cleaner label yeast raised donut mix
  • Cake donut
  • Chocolate
  • Old Fashioned

Cakes and Bases

Complete cake mixes and bases to meet your needs.

  • Crème cake
  • Yellow cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Carrot cake

Muffin Mixes

Pennant Ingredients offers a wide variety of muffin mixes.

  • Corn
  • Bran
  • Crème cake
  • All purpose

Biscuit Mixes

Easy and Tasty Biscuit Mix

  • Save time and effort with our easy to use buttermilk biscuit mix

Brownie Mixes

Chocolatey & Delicious 

  • We offer a base or a full mix, offering maximum flexibility
  • Pennant offers a clean label brownie base
  • Top with our chocolate, white or cream cheese icing for a decadent treat

Hard Roll Mixes

We Provide the Best Hard Roll Mix.

  • Makes great rolls, and offers great flexibility
  • You choose the size, shape, additions, and toppings to create your perfect roll
  • Can even be used as a pizza crust dough


Donut Icings

Super Tasty and Easy to Apply Icings

  • Chocolate, white or cream cheese
  • Perfect for dipping or string applications
  • Works great on donuts, danish, and other pastries
  • Simply heat and apply


Donut & Pastry Glazes

Shiny, Soft and Oh So Sweet

  • Original or Strawberry
  • Coats evenly and easily


Pie Fillings: High Quality and High Fruit Content

Pennant Ingredients – we’ve got the fruit!

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Apple
  • Lemon

Donut & Pastry Fillings

We offer a variety of donut and pastry fillings designed for a wide range of commercial applications.


Donut & Pastry Sugars

Pour That Sugar On Me!

Pennant Ingredients offers 3 different donut sugars:

  • Commercial
  • Cinnamon

About Pennant Ingredients, Inc.

Pennant Ingredients operates two plants in Rochester New York.

The Dry Mix Plant

The dry mix plant is located at 64 Chester St. Rochester, NY. At this facility we manufacture our donut, cake, muffin, and other mixes.

The Wet Mix Plant

The wet plant is located at 181 + 235 Buffalo Rd. Rochester, NY. At this facility we manufacture our fillings, icings, and glazes. Currently, Pennant Ingredients employs over 100 people on 3 separate shifts.

The Pennant Team

Work Hard – Play Hard!

Pennant Ingredients offers great opportunities to its employees to advance within the company. Upward mobility within the company is encouraged and all openings are posted internally for employees to have the opportunity to apply. Additionally, we offer reimbursement for increasing applicable job skills.

At Pennant, each member of our Pennant Ingredients team has an opportunity to contribute, participate in company-wide committees and guide our policies and procedures for the future.

Pennant Ingredients prides itself on the team like atmosphere. Many of our employees have been members of our team for over 10 years.

We work hard together and celebrate as a team like we did in the photo to the left on one of our Magic Day events.

Pennant Cares

We Make A Difference in our Community!

The Pennant Ingredients team realized the many blessings we share and made a decision to begin giving back to our community throughout the year. We developed a Pennant Cares team to reach out to local charities, churches, community service organizations to ask how/when we could assist.  Several members of the Pennant Ingredients team and their families have had the pleasure to raise money for a local animal shelter and a community group helping to prevent Suicide.  We’ve provided school supplies for needy families in our neighborhood and food/gift baskets at the holidays. We are looking forward to our first Fighting Breast Cancer walk this fall. It’s a great feeling to know Pennant has helped and will continue to help our community through Pennant Cares.

Verona Street Animal Shelter

Fast and Furious Dog Walk/Run.

Out of the Darkness

Suicide Prevention Walk

Mini Clean Sweep

Our streets and neighborhoods look great after Clean Sweep!

Pennant Ingredients, Inc. Company History

Founded in 1938 in Rochester, NY (aka “The Flower City”) by Jack Binik as Flower City Baking Supplies, Inc., featuring Pennant Branded Products.


  • Expanded and changed name to Pennant Products, Inc. in 1977

  • Celebrated 50 years of business in 1988

  • Reclaimed the name Pennant Foods in 2006

  • Became Pennant Ingredients Inc. in 2015

  • Celebrated 80 years of business in 2018

You are what you eat – so eat something sweet!

Pennant Employment Opportunities

To learn about available positions and apply, please visit our parent company site

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